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Our unique 9 step Telos Lifestyle Revolution program is a practical, effective, and science-backed program that eradicates distressing and destructive self-talk, negative and debilitating emotions, and unhealthy, self-sabotaging habits, and replaces them with a confident and supportive inner dialogue, pleasant and empowering emotions, and healthy, goal crushing habits.

Positive Habit Creation

Habit creation programs that improve health, performance, and happiness

Homeworker Motivation

Stay focused and motivated whilst working at home and during lockdown

Weight Loss Programs

Overcome emotional eating, stop obsessing about food and lose weight

Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness, mediation, and breathing workshops to relax the mind and body

Stress Management

Structured training to help manage and prevent anxiety and stress

Smoking Cessation

Evidence-based tobacco control and smoking cessation programs

Sales Motivation Training

Motivation training based on the Nobel Prize winning Motivation Equation

Fitness for Everyone

Enjoyable and effective at home and outdoors exercise workshops

One to One Coaching

Client specific coaching to accelerate personal learning and development

The positive psychology revolution over the past decades has lead to great advances in how we understand the human mind.

There are now plenty of well researched and effective techniques available to help people improve important facets of their lives, like habit creation, motivation, happiness and confidence.

These findings are vital to help combat the ever growing pressure people and employees experience in the workplace and at home, such as stress, anxiety, depression, obesity, and back pain.

The Telos Lifestyle Revolution™ system is the culmination of over 30 years of perfecting a combination of Nobel Prize winning research with carefully selected work from the leading authorities in psychology, behavioural change, and peak performance.

The Telos Lifestyle Revolution™ program is designed to help people become best friends with their own mind, feel more confident and assertive, find it easier to start and maintain habits, like weight loss and exercise, and ultimately feel happier and more motivated about life.


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If you are looking for one to one coaching to improve your professional career, or if there is a specific issue that you need help to resolve in your life, then one to one coaching via Skype is the perfect solution for you.

We can help you quickly overcome most issues, including weight loss, anxiety, depression, mood swings, phobias, bad habits, lack of confidence, grief, smoking, relationship issues, bullying, eating disorders, emotional eating and obesity.

The first call is free, so that you can be sure you are comfortable and want to proceed. Contact us.

We also offer corporate wellness programs online and on site, including mental wellness, sales and homeworker motivation, stress management, assertiveness and confidence training, weight management, smoking cessation, mindfulness and meditation courses, and fitness for everyone.

Research shows that employers that invest in workplace health initiatives see significant savings on their investment from £2 to £34 for every £1 spent. 

“When we are happy, when our mindset and mood are positive, we are smarter, more motivated, and thus more successful.” ~ Harvard University


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