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It’s time to make a change

Telos Health was created to help people just like you harness the power of your repetitive habits and maximise their full potential.

Habits such as regular exercise, healthy eating, studying, and doing chores, but also empowering habits such as happiness, grit, resilience, assertiveness, mindfulness, and confidence.

By creating new, empowering habits, and breaking old, bad habits, you will begin to unleash your true potential and ultimately improve the quality of your life.

Health, Happiness, and Wellbeing

  • Reduce and erase unpleasant feelings and come to terms with past emotional trauma
  • Become best friends with your own mind so that it always supports you and encourages you
  • Discover the power within you to live your life on your terms and conditions

Achieve Your Goals

  • Get stuff done all the time and eliminate your to-do list so you have more time to enjoy life
  • Combat the excuses you make and develop the belief in yourself that you can succeed
  • Make plans to overcome all obstacles until you achieve all your goals

Excel In Your Career

  • Become an empowered and assertive leader responsible for your own success
  • Boost your confidence and belief in yourself so that you succeed in business
  • Increase your sales drive and motivation so you consistently exceed your sales goals

Get The Body You Deserve

  • Develop a sustainable weight loss strategy that will transform your body shape
  • Change your relationship with exercise and learn how to love moving your body
  • Reconnect your mind with your body and boost your levels of energy and vitality

Start your new life today

You can begin the online and free Telos Lifestyle Revolution™ program today – Click here

The program includes 9 exercises that require nothing more than some paper and a pen and are based on groundbreaking research from the leading experts in the field of psychology, habits formation, and behaviour change, such as Dr Marshall Goldsmith, Dr James O Prochaska, Dr Carlos DiClimente, Dr Richard Bandler, and Dr James Pennebaker.

Where most other books and courses are full of fancy acronyms, anecdotal stories, and hyperbole, the Telos Lifestyle Revolution™ program offers effective techniques and systems that you can put into practice straight away.

This isn’t a get rich quick scheme, you don’t need to jump up and down whooping while walking across fire, and you don’t need to have had an epiphany or near death experience to gain life changing benefits.

It’s a very practical question and answer program with clear and specific instructions to follow that will help you make effective and long lasting changes to the root causes of the problems you are facing in life today.

Video, Audio, E-Guides

Enjoy educational videos and courses, guided audios, informative articles, and e-Guides

Webinars & Workshops

Online workshops and interactive webinars that will support your transformation

One to One Coaching

One to one coaching to support you along your personal journey and a brand new you

Exercise 1: Active Questions

By asking yourself some simple questions you can affect key ares of your health, happiness, and wellbeing:

  1. Increase your levels of happiness?
  2. Find more meaning in life?
  3. Become fully engaged with life?
  4. Build more positive relationships?
  5. Set clearer goals?
  6. Make better progress toward goal achievement?

In a two week Duke University study involving over 4,500 participants:

  • 67% said they improved in four out of the six areas
  • 91% said they got better in at least one area
  • Nobody said they got worse

Click here now to jump to the first exercise:  Active Questions.

“Answering Active Questions doesn’t just ‘kind of’ work or ‘maybe work’ for some people. It works.”  

~ Professor Marshall Goldsmith

The exercises in the Telos Lifestyle Revolution program changes people lives. Maybe it’s time it helped change yours for the better too.


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