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How can Intrinsic Motivation Training help you?
What is Accountability Coaching?
Do you offer business coaching?
Why do you offer free sessions to begin with?
What happens during a coaching session with you?
What are your rates?
How do I pay?
Is your coaching service confidential?
I am interested. Can I get more more information?

How can Intrinsic Motivation Training help you?

Health, Happiness and Well-being are scientifically proven to be just a simple daily habit away for most of us.

IMT gives you what you need to –

  • Build your belief and your resolve to reach your goal
  • Create goals that keep you motivated to do what needs to be done
  • Manage your time so you never miss a daily mini-goal
  • Give you tools to plan for any potential distractions
  • And position you as responsible for your results

So you are in a better place to achieve your goals and live your dreams.

At the core of Intrinsic Motivation Training (IMT) is the Nobel Prize winning –

Motivation Equation

Expectancy x Value / Impulsiveness x Delay = Motivation

Expectancy x Value / Impulsiveness x Delay = Motivation

Professor Piers Steel discovered the 4 elements that when weighed up together decide if you are going to be motivated to do something enough to succeed at it or achieve it or not.

My coaching discovers which part of the Motivation Equation you need to work on based on which part of the Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change you are stuck in.

Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change

If you have been trying to –

  • Change something about yourself
  • Keep up a habit to reach a goal

But find you –

  • Haven’t started yet again
  • Keep starting and stopping again

then for sure you are stuck in one of the Stages of Change as per the Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change first introduced by Prochaska and Diclemente in 1984.

The TTM Stages of Change –

  • Precontemplation (Not Ready)
  • Contemplation (Getting Ready)
  • Preparation (Ready)
  • Action (Habit in action)
  • Maintenance (Continuing Habit)
  • Termination (Way of life)
  • Relapse (Given up habit)

You then need to determine which –

  • Stage of Change you are stuck in
  • Element of the Motivation Equation you need to balance
  • POWER Questions to you need to move to the next level

POWER Questions

POWER Question (my term) gently nudge your mind into wanting to –

  • Set clearer goals on a daily basis*
  • Make better progress towards your goals*
  • Find more meaning in your life*
  • Become more happy and joyful*
  • Build more positive relationships with people*
  • Engage in life more*

(*91% success rate based on an ongoing study by Duke University involving over 4,500 people)

Each of the questions you create (I would do this with you if you were coaching with me) should lead you from a stuck Stage of Change to the next level through balancing the correct element of the Motivation Equation and nudging your mind into the direction you need to go to become the person you want to be.

What is Accountability Coaching?

My job is to give you the support EVERYONE, including myself as I also have a coach, needs to reach their goals.

“Everyone needs a coach.”

~ Bill Gates

The successful people in life always seem to tell the same story – it was the little things they did EVERY DAY that made them successful.

“There is a state of blessed calm available to those who have taken careful measure of their habits and made all the changes suggested by reason. Nirvana comes by routine steps, as an algorithm drives a machine.”

~ David Allen ~ recognised as the world’s leading expert on personal and organisational productivity

You are very likely very disciplined in certain areas of you life, yet like most people there are things you would like to do or change about yourself.

You may have tried many times and come close or even attained what you were looking for and maintained it for a certain period of time, but alas, you slipped back to your old ways.

There’s a valid reason for that based on the research of Professor Goldsmith involving over 250,000 people, the majority of them being successful business and sportspeople.

“Unless they know that at the end of the day (week or month) that someone is going to measure if they’re doing what they promised to do, most people fall prey to inertia”.

~ Professor Marshall Goldsmith

People ONLY achieve positive lasting change if they make themselves accountable to someone, or something, with regular follow ups that measure progress.

I’m here to make you accountable when you get Distracted and remind you of what needs to be done when you get Delayed.

You have a choice –

Be one of the people who don’t change
Become accountable now and become one of the few that do

Do you offer business coaching?

Yes, I do offer business coaching.

I have run my own companies for decades and so have some understanding of the benefits and down sides of running an SME as well as the corporate environment.

I apply the same system to business coaching as I do personal coaching.

My business coaching is focused on you, your mindset, health and ability to function and work as optimally as possible.

And of course I am here to keep you accountable, which is normally the most important element SMEs and sole traders need from a coach.

It’s so pleasant to get stuff done as it frees the mind and makes space for the important issues in life. It also gives us time to relax and enjoy the good things in life more too.

Online Marketing Automation

If you have an active online marketing presence or use online technology to market and sell to your clients, then I may be able to help you.

I have set up multiple businesses that use marketing automation and systems to reduce overheads and manpower by more than 50%.

I have increased conversion rates dramatically by providing the client’s customers with everything they needed to help –

  • Handle their objections
  • Educate them on the company’s products and services
  • Educate them on how to use the company’s systems

Just by changing a few key website pages I have been able to reduce incoming client queries by as much as 80%.

And maybe more importantly than the benefits listed above, automated marketing adds to your clients experience. The extra contact through well timed automated emails, social media interaction and SMS direct to their telephone makes you client feel that much more loved, thereby reducing the number one reason a client will more to another service provider. See this report by Accenture.

Why do you offer free sessions to begin with?

It’s so we can both know if we will be able to work well together.

In the first few meetings I would hope to find out that you are –

  • Open minded
  • Courageous
  • Disciplined
  • Ambitious

I will also need some time to design a framework for you that is suited to you, your lifestyle and what you are looking to achieve.

You will also want to meet me and speak with me before committing to working with me and paying for my services.

IMPORTANT: this does not included my training packages.

What happens during a coaching session with you?

The sessions last 45 minutes or 1 hour 45 minutes, depending on the package you have bought, with some time after to have a chat and finish our meeting.

As I mention above, each person is different and we will only know what will be involved once I have created a training program to suit you, your lifestyle and what you are looking to achieve.

This is why I offer free sessions.

To begin with you will explain why you have come to me for coaching or therapy and I will ask you some questions.

By the end of the free sessions we will both know:

  • What your expectations are
  • Where you are now in life
  • Where you have come from
  • Where you want to go to
  • How I can help
  • What my expectations are
  • Decide if we both want to commit 100%
  • Make a plan suited to you, your lifestyle and what you are looking to achieve

What are your rates?

£45 per appointment.

How do I pay?

You can pay via bank transfer or PayPal.

Is your coaching service confidential?

Yes, of course.

The only information I will store are the contact details you provide and a brief outline of why we are working together to help me remember.

However, you can ask for me not to store that information as well if you so choose.

I am interested. Can I get more more information?

Yes, please book an appointment or contact me via email with any questions or just give me a call.