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Based on the work of Professors James Prochaska & Carlos Di Clemente

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Something is wrong with the current dieting and weight loss models, right?

We’ve been told for decades now – Don’t skip breakfast you could miss out on essential nutrients, eat regular meals it helps burn calories at a faster rate, get more active it’s key to losing weight, read food labels to help you choose healthier options, don’t ban foods from your diet, use a smaller plate, cut out alcohol, don’t eat carbs, do eat carbs, eat fat, don’t eat fat… blah, blah, blah…

Even the NHS and government institutions don’t seem to be able to offer a solution with obese and overweight adults in the UK now topping 63% and almost 40% of kids in the final year of primary school OBESE!The truth is, what we are being advised by most organisations and experts is just plain not working.

A Leading Slimming Company Report Shows Only 5% Of Members Kept The Weight Off After 5 Years. Almost Everyone Put The Weight Back On That They Had Lost!

The evidence is seen in the number of overweight people that is growing at an alarming rate when the cost to health is now known to be worryingly high.

Being overweight can lead to a number of serious and potentially life-threatening conditions, such as:

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Coronary heart disease
  • Breast cancer
  • Liver disease
  • Womb cancer
  • Bowel cancer
  • Stroke

It can also affect your quality of life and lead to life challenging physical and psychological problems such as:

  • Depression
  • Low self-esteem
  • Breathlessness
  • Joint and back pain
  • Confidence issues
  • Anxiety
  • Sexual dysfuntion

The truth of the matter


The popular quick fix diets only encourage a yo-yo cycle of short term weight loss followed by gain that leads to you feeling like a failure and depression.


When you are unhappy or have low confidence you are more likely to want and eat high fat and high sugar foods and drinks to get a quick mood fix.


Slimming clubs are not effective at helping you maintain weight loss and have a less than 5% success rate over 5 years. 

And, almost Everyone Put The Weight Back On That They Had Lost!

Are you ready to take action?

Here is a question that leads to the core of the weight loss solution.

Where do you think 99% of weight loss success takes place? At the gym? In the supermarket? On your plate?No, the overwhelming majority of weight loss transformation happens in your mind.

When you have your mind on your side, the good lifestyle decisions you begin to make become natural, obvious, automatic and a lot of fun.

The truth is most popular and trendy weight loss programs fail because they rely on you taking action.

Yet, it has been proven again and again that less than 20% of people are ready to take action and jump into exercise or throw out all the bad food in their cupboards.

If you are not ready to TAKE ACTION, then you probably won’t want to give up your favourite foods, start dieting, start exercising, or anything else for that matter.


Less than 20% of people are ready to take action

Empirical research by Professors James Prochaska and Carlos DiClemente, the world’s leading experts on addiction and how to maintain good habits like eating a healthy diet, discovered that less that 20% of people are ready to take action. If you aren’t ready to take action and maintain a diet, and that’s most people, then you need to first change your mindset.

It’s been proven that weight loss and especially optimum weight management starts in the mind.

Once you have your mind working for you and supporting you it is simple to make the right choice of food and drink consumption and also want to begin taking exercise.

BUT, you need your mind on your side first.

Why this system is unique

Almost every diet plan or weight loss system asks you to do SOMETHING. Cut out certain foods, eat only low fat foods, drink only vegetable or fruit juice, eat only meat, count your calories, get exercise, throw out the bad foods, eliminate sugar. 

They are all the same. You have to do something AND THEN you will lose weight.

The trouble is, that is ACTION BASED. You need to do something, and we have already learned from the leading professors in that field of psychology that only a few people are ready to take action. If that isn’t you, then either you won’t start, or you will begin but as soon as things change in your life, you will stop again… and put all the wight back on, like the people in slimming clubs.

With this system you won’t be asked to count calories or only eat certain foods.

  • ​​​​SAY NO TO sticking to strict, intense exercise programs that cause you stress and feel uncomfortable
  • SAY NO TO completely changing your diet and removing all the foods that you love to eat
  • SAY NO TO changing your entire lifestyle, from work to leisure, making it really difficult to enjoy life
  • SAY NO TO giving up almost all foods and drinks making it difficult to go shopping or eat out with friends

Before these people could lose weight they had to change how they thought and felt about food first

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Let’s look at some real life examples.

What you will notice is a common theme in all of the examples where each person suddenly had a complete change in their mindset. 

There was nothing else. No fancy diet. No sadistic exercise regime. No weight loss guru. No magic pill. No miracle tea of coffee. No support group. Just a simple change in how they thought and felt about their current lifestyle.

That, could be you too.

(These Are Real Life Examples)

Teena H:

How I Gained The Weight.I drank six to eight fizzy drinks a day, if not more. I made unhealthy food choices that I can sum up in two words: fast food.I couldn’t go out with my friends and family as I was too embarrassed.I just wanted to crawl into a hole and hide my shame.How Did She Lose The Weight?No diets, no magic pills, no surgeries… I changed how I thought and set a lot of small goals.


How did she lose the weight?

No diets, no magic pills, no surgeries… I set a lot of small goals.

Gerry B:

​How I Gained The Weight.I continually gained weight from bad eating habits picked up from my parents.Oftentimes they would just buy fast food or frozen meals for dinner. We were pretty poor growing up, and both my parents were alcoholics, as well as smokers.How Did He Lose The Weight?

I realised this had to stop if I wanted to see my children grow up!I lost weight, but I gained strength. You have to be mentally tough.I still have a long way to go, but today, I am faster and stronger than I ever thought I could be.And I forgive everyone who hurt me.


How did he lose the weight?

I realised this had to stop if I wanted to see my children grow up!You have to be mentally tough

Mark M:

How I Gained The Weight.As a teenager and adult, I ate a lot for emotional reasons. If I got made fun of, I’d eat. I’ve had my ups and downs with anxiety and depression. I’d lose some weight and then I’d gain it back. How Did He Lose The Weight?

What changed was figuring out that I deserved better. I deserved a life, a family, love, everything I had always hoped and dreamed of growing up. Now I’m learning that it’s okay to eat a variety of food without guilt-tripping myself.I stuck with it.


How did he lose the weight?

What changed was figuring out that I deserved better. I deserved a life, a family, love, everything I had always hoped and dreamed of growing up.

Julie M:

How I Gained The Weight.Bite for bite, the cycle was the same every time: euphoria, pleasure, reward, numbness and disappointment, in that order.The lasting disappointment always faded into guilt and shame, ultimately propelling me to the very next meal. I was living on a constant diet of pizza, cheeseburgers, fried food and sugary desserts.Nothing was ever enough (and it never would be) until I identified the hunger I was feeling wasn’t actually physical, or even mental.It was driven by pure and profound emotional longing for protection, love and to be seen for who I really was: smart, funny, driven and passionate.How Did She Lose The Weight?

I knew, though, that if I had to wake up another morning with a feeling of dread, completely overwhelmed by what I had done to my body, mind and spirit, I wouldn’t live to see my 40th birthday.There are no magic pills, diets or quick fixes, just small, sustainable changes.Before I knew it, exercise turned into a joy and escape from the body I had hid in for so long.


How did she lose the weight?

I knew, though, that if I had to wake up another morning with a feeling of dread, completely overwhelmed by what I had done to my body, mind and spirit, I wouldn’t live to see my 40th birthday.There are no magic pills, diets or quick fixes, just small, sustainable changes.


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Weight Loss Mindset Success program

The Weight Loss Mindset Success program gives you a step by step plan to break through mental barriers that stop you from beginning or continuing with your new lifestyle.

Using proven techniques based on the work of Professor Prochaska and Professor DiClemente who have have a 60-75% success rate of helping people overcome addictions, such as overeating, you can effortlessly change your mental and emotional relationship with food and drink.

Losing weight will start to become its own reward… instead of a gruelling challenge… And taking exercise will start to become a fun choice… rather than a have to do chore that you despise.

Designed for both men and women, this Science-Based System is clinically proven to help you lose weight, improve your health and feel happier.

James Prochaska

James O. Prochaska is Director of Cancer Prevention Research Center and Professor of Clinical and Health Psychology at the University of Rhode Island. He is the author of over 400 publications, including four books, Changing to Thrive, Changing for Good, Systems of Psychotherapy, and The Transtheoretical Approach.Weight loss expert edinburgh

Carlo diclemente

Carlo C. DiClemente, PhD, ABPP, is Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC), and Director of the MDQuit tobacco resource center, the Center for Community Collaboration, and the Home Visitor Training Certificate Program at UMBC.Diet and weight loss course edinburgh

How the program works

Everything you do is dictated by your mind.


What you eat and whether you exercise is decided first in your mind. Only then does your mind tell your body what to do.

You need to change your mind about food and exercise. Only then can you succeed in maintianing a healthy lifestyle

Weight loss diet coach edinburgh

Image if you could change your mind quickly and easily

Take a moment to imagine just how easy making the right lifestyle choices would and could be if you thought like someone who was able to maintain their optimum weight.

Maybe you know someone who does find it easy to stay slim? You’ve maybe wondered how they do it? What do they say to themselves? How do they have so much control and will power? 

The research of the leading scientists, who have a 60-75% success rate shows that when you start to think like a person who is the optimum weight you want to achieve, you will start to become that person too.

You would see the pounds of unwanted fat beginning to melt away… no matter how hard you’ve tried before!The Weight Loss Mind Success Program changes how you think and feel about losing weight so you naturally CHOOSE to adopt and live a better lifestyle without even having to try.

The Weight Loss Mind Success Program Changes How You Think And Feel About Losing Weight So You Naturally CHOOSE To Adopt And Live A Better Lifestyle Without Even Having To Try.

It changes you at the very core.

  • You will never have to think about dieting
  • You will never have to think about NOT EATING foods that you like
  • You will never have to feel hungry when you don’t want to
  • You will never have to feel like you have to do without
  • This is not one of those weekly (forever) slimming groups
  • This is not one of those crazy weight loss bootcamps 
  • This is not one of those insane last for just one month fad yo-yo diets
  • This is not a masochistic starve yourself thin diet plan 

Why is our mindset and how we feel about food so important?

Almost everyone feels good when they eat. Eating is social. Eating is fun. Eating good food tastes great. Eating keeps us alive. 

However, some people also eat to change how they feel at that moment, especially deep down on the inside.Eating releases chemicals that change our “internal state”. It changes how we feel, our emotions, and even how we think and react.

Because food and eating can release chemicals in our brain it can also cause addiction, just like many other drugs.A cycle of eat – release chemicals (Serotonin, Dopamine, Cortisol, Endorphin’s) – state change – repeat is created.To break that cycle you need to learn ways to naturally change your state and mood in a beneficial way.

You have to change your association with food and then you will find it much easier to make the right choice when it comes to what you eat and drink.

How the

Weight Loss Mindset Success program

can help you

  • Watch your body fat begin to vanish without even needing to start another diet!
  • ​Improve your muscle definition without needing to go to the gym!
  • Improved cholesterol levels that keep you and your doctor happy! 
  • Drop dress sizes in weeks even if you’ve tried every other weight loss system out there! 
  • See inches removed from your waistline so you can finally get into those jeans! 
  • Decrease your cellulite so you can look good walking down the beach!
  • Increase your energy so you wake up refreshed and energised in the mornings! 
  • 1Master your mind with scientifically proven techniques to make natural lifestyle changes that last
  • 2Stay on track with the encouragement and support you deserve on your journey
  • 3Empower yourself with simple tips and tricks to keep you eager and energised to stay on the right track
  • 4Naturally lose weight like never before… and keep it off for good! 

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It’s Time To Change Your Life

Hi, my name is James Gough.I’ve worked in clinics all over the world helping people change their mindset to overcome a whole host of issues including depression, anxiety, phobias and eating disorders and have been featured in the newspapers, radio and TV

As mentioned in the sunday times newspaperOn LBC radioas seen in the sunday times nwespaper

I’m also the creator of Intrinsic Motivation Training™ which has a range of solution that are proven* to quickly move people from a defeatist mindset of feeling stuck and negative in life to instead feeling happy, peaceful, complete, safe and successful.

The Weight Loss Mindset Success Program is a 6 week program. Each week you will be taken through a journey that will reprogram how you think about food and feel about yourself in relation to food. You have a choice of working with me personally via telephone or and online video like Skype or Zoom (these are very easy to set up with just a click of a button), or you can take the online video, audio, text course at your own leisure. 

Take a look at the course content

3 free bonus audios

  • 1The Confidence boosting audioThis audio is hypnotic and full of subliminal messages to help you gain more confidence and believe in your own power
  • 2The DreamMaker hypnotic audioThis audio takes you on a journey deep into your mind to connect with your true self and access your inner dreams
  • 3The Manifest Love mp3 audioIs for those of you looking for love and need some help to relax, trust in yourself and open up to the possibility of love

3 free mp3 audios

hypnotic mp3 free audios confidenceThe 6 week program


After a short introduction and overview of what will be covered on the course we will then begin to build your Weight Loss Success Mindset.This is based on the work of Prochaska and DiClemente and the first step in reprogramming your mind to want to make healthy choices. Without the real reasons to succeed, which is more than just saying to yourself, “I want to lose weight” or “get fit”, you won’t have the desire to move out of your comfort zone and the lifestyle that you are accustomed to.


We continue to build on your reasons to succeed from week one and boost and bolster your desire to live a healthy lifestyle.Although you will start to have new empowering programs running in your daily life, there are still counter programs that need rewritten.This is the part that is completely forgotten in most systems and the root cause of yo-yo dieting.


We will continue to learn how to discover programs, patterns and habits that take you off target from week 2 and create further counter programs.We will also create a daily system that only takes a few minutes to accomplish that retrains your mind to focus on aspects of your life that make you feel good and builds your drive to succeed.


Now we have better thoughts and decision making processes running in the present moment, making better choices start to become easier.However, deep rooted “triggers” are still in place that can reignite old habits and in week 4 we work on addressing those and erasing them. The popular diets and weight loss systems are all action based, and although this may be difficult to appreciate, most of the “triggers” that lead you back to unwanted habits are unconscious and need a professional to help you uncover them and become aware of them.


We are starting to redesign ourselves at this point and the desire to move in a new direction is starting to become second nature for you now.With a new feeling of hope you will want to set some new goals that you believe are achievable and exciting for your newfound journey to success. Part of the solution to creating a new life is designing one that is worth living. Luckily for us, a fantastic life is proven to be mostly achieved by how you think and feel on the inside, which is something we can quickly and easily change.


In week 6 we delve deeper into stress management which you will have been introduced to in the previous weeks of the course.You will learn the leading science based techniques for managing your stress levels, which is the key to a happy life, and weight management. Once you start to feel relaxed and in control, you will find it easier to make choices based on long term gain that benefits your life rather than short term pleasure.


Your reasons to succeed is a list that you will want to work on consistently as the reasons change in your life changes, like with a change in career, your relationships, or if you have children.As you start to see improvement and gain more hope and an increased passion for life you will want to improve your life more and more. With this course it is a never ending stepping stone from wondrous life adventure to another as you begin to grow and evolve. So, even after the 6 week course you will be more than welcome to continue with the training each and every week via the Facebook group at any time.


In the drop down menu below you can choose your Weight Loss Mindset Success Program and either work with me personally or take the online program.

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1on1 Coaching Plan £249.00 GBPOnline Training Program £79.00 GBP

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