How It Works

“It’s not motivation you lack, it’s just that you have the wrong priorities.”

There are 7 elements to the Telos Lifestyle Revolution. You can work through the system step by step, or delve into any chapter that looks appealing.

Motivation Equation

The ultimate goal of the Telos Lifestyle Revolution is to help you tip the balance of the Nobel Prize winning Motivation Equation in your favour.

Without the Expectancy and Value outweighing the Impulsiveness and Delay, it will be very difficult for you to start and maintain a habit and reach your goals.

Active Questions

“Of all the things that can boost inner work life, the most important is making progress in meaningful work.”

Begin by creating your Active Questions questionnaire with the 6 listed below that Professor Goldsmith asks himself daily. You can add other questions that are relevant to your goals, habits and who you want to become as you work through the guide:

  1. Did I do my best to be happy?
  2. Did I do my best to find meaning?
  3. Did I do my best to be fully engaged?
  4. Did I do my best to build positive relationships?
  5. Did I do my best to set clear goals?
  6. Did I do my best to make progress toward goal achievement?

(90% of 4,500 participants improved in at least 1 area within 2 weeks – Duke University research)

The Science Of Goal Setting

Use the Goal Setting Template to write down your plans to reach your goals and maintain your habits. As you work through this guide, your template will grow and its influence on your life and success will become more pronounced.

Build Your Reasons To Succeed

In this exercise, you will list all the reasons you want to achieve a goal or maintain a habit so you build expectancy in your mind. As the priority of what is important to you changes, the old habits die away and you can replace them with habits that lead you towards the life you desire.

Smash The Excuses

Impulsiveness causes Delay, and awareness is progression. In this exercise, you will discover all the excuses you give yourself for not maintaining your habits and reaching your goals and then plan how to counter them so you are not distracted and suffer any further setbacks.

Plan For The Good And The Bad

Build your Expectancy and reduce the Delay. This exercise teaches you how to prepare yourself to counter the excuses and break through the obstacles whilst you stay focused on the milestones and goals from your template.

Take Control Of Your Feelings

This little known technique teaches how to take any uncomfortable feeling you have in your life or negative association with a habit and turn it into a positive, empowering feeling within minutes and affect the Expectancy, Value, Impulsiveness and Delay all at the same time.

  • Find more meaning in your life
  • Feel happier and more joyful
  • Build better relationships with people
  • Engage in life more
  • Set clearer goals on a daily basis
  • Make better progress towards your goals