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Sensory Affirmations

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

~ Albert Einstein

This exercise is a visualisation exercise that you can practice anywhere and at any time to help you instantly affect your emotions. You can use it to increase the power of an emotion or reduce it.

For instance, if you need an energy boost to do some exercise, you can use it while you walk down the street on your way to the gym, or maybe if you are about to go to the supermarket and you want to buy healthy food, you can use it to boost your willpower to say no to processed foods. You can also use it to imagine and become the person you want to be in life.


This is a simple and effective exercise that can give you an instant boost right when you need it the most. It will help you increase the Expectation and decrease the Impulsiveness elements of the Motivation Equation.

We will use the scenario that you are walking down the street on your way to the gym and you want to feel more energised ready for your workout.

Now, as you are walking down the street, imagine you can see yourself standing maybe 10 or 20 metres further down the street. You could be leaning against a lamppost, by a car or anywhere you choose as long as it is on the path you are heading.

As you walk towards your imaginary self, start to make the image of yourself as real as possible. Imagine how you would look and feel and what you may be saying to yourself as you stand there full of energy and vitality, breathing deeply, looking relaxed, your eyes bright, feeling energised. Work hard to imagine how the imaginary you further down the street might be feeling and thinking.

Then, as you walk up to and reach this vital, glowing with energy you, walk straight into your imaginary self. As you do this, take on the feeling, energy, and inner dialogue of the new you that you are visualising. Feel how that imaginary you feels, walks, thinks, breathes, and looks and let yourself fully associate with the new energised you.

Once you have done this, repeat the process. Visualise another you standing further down the street in front of you, and this time you are standing there with twice the energy you had before. Keep repeating the process for as long as you like, feeling better and better and more energised each time.

Another variation on this energy building exercise you can use is to imagine there are multiple copies of yourself that appear all around you and they are all full of energy and vitality. They then start to run into your body from all angles and directions and as each enters and becomes you their energy is transferred to you.

Remember, if a movie or an advert or a book can affect your emotions, it makes sense that you can affect them as well, at will and to your benefit.

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

~ Paulo Coelho