The science of visualisation and developing robustness

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The science of goal setting and developing robustness
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If you want to maintain working towards a goal, change who you are, or keep up a habit like:

  • Going to the gym
  • Eating Healthily
  • Becoming an artist
  • Learning software programming
  • Overcome a fear
  • Getting a new job
  • Finding a partner
  • starting your own business…

then you will need to be sure that life doesn’t get in the way.

How to visualise your future and develop robustness audio
(IMPORTANT: only listen to this audio when you can relax. Do not listen to it whilst driving or operating machinery)

Once you are on your way towards your destination and are keeping the new lifestyle habit up, that’s when you are in danger of getting distracted by temptations (Impulsiveness).

Expectancy x Value / Impulsiveness x Delay = Motivation

Visualising our future and how we want it to go, including foreseeing and planning how to overcome any potential disasters that may happen along the way, is key to balancing the Motivation Equation and maintaining the motivation to keep up the daily habits and processes that take us in the direction we want to go in life and along the way reach our desired goals.

The Telos Lifestyle Revolution™ is the only system that gives you the practical tools and training to help you balance all 4 parts of the Motivation Equation.

Visualisation directly counters the negative effect of Impulsiveness.

The power of visualisation is now a science and at the cutting edge is Professor Gabriele Oettingen.

Gabriele Oettingen, a Professor of Psychology at New York University, has been researching for over twenty years how visualisation impacts cognition, emotion, and behaviour.

Her acclaimed WOOP technique suggests that positive visualising alone can in fact have a detrimental effect on our motivation to reach that goal.

She asks –

  • What is your dearest wish?
  • What dreams do you have for the future?
  • What do you want to be or do?
  • Can you imagine it coming true and how wonderful that would be?


  • What holds you back from realising your wish?
  • What is it in you that stops you from really going for it?


She also goes on to suggest that solely visualising reaching goals and the use of aids like vision boards can cause negative side effects like depression.

Oettingen’s system mixes “mental contrasting”, which is visualising the contrast between the positive aspects of your goals and the negative aspects of the obstacles in the way, with implementation intentions, which is essentially a “what, if” planning strategy.

i.e. – “When situation X arises, I will perform response Y”

Together they form the WOOP, which stands for –

  • Wish
  • Outcome
  • Obstacle
  • Plan

A strategy that Oettingen claims people can use to find and fulfil their wishes and change their habits.

The visualisation audio included in this lesson incorporates Oettingen’s WOOP visualisation principles as well as Time Line Therapy visualisation techniques, a hypnotic induction, and subliminal suggestions.

It is practical audio program that you can use whenever you have some time to relax and visualise your future mapping out in front of you like an intricate game of chess.

How to visualise your future and develop robustness audio
(IMPORTANT: only listen to this audio when you can relax. Do not listen to it whilst driving or operating machinery)

Plus, when you have more contingency plans you become ‘Antifragile‘, and with it you will feel happier, more confident and more content with life.

Having more options in life allows you to take on more good stress because the dangers normally associated with taking on larger challenges is reduced. It isn’t an all or nothing, one horse, all on black strategy.

The audio with this lesson has been designed to help you choose to make a profound change in your outlook on life and start to see everything very differently.

It can help you:

  • Gain greater control over your feelings and emotions
  • Boost your optimism and think positively
  • Deal effectively with any negative thoughts and emotions
  • Discover more meaning and purpose in your life
  • Design a new future
  • Design a multitude of better potential futures

If you are going to imagine future outcomes for your life, they may as well be great ones even in the event of what may seem like bad potentialities. And that’s exactly what this audio does, it teaches you how to design multiple pathways towards the future you truly want and deserve.