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The Telos Lifestyle Revolution™ – Introduction
How can The Telos Lifestyle Revolution™ help you?
The Telos Lifestyle Revolution™ – Background
The Telos Lifestyle Revolution™ Fundamentals
Build your reasons to succeed
Reframe the reasons and excuses you give yourself not to succeed
The science of goal setting and developing robustness
Submodalities: Change habits, alter beliefs, and build motivation
POWER Questions: Daily questions that can change your life

The Telos Lifestyle Revolution™ is designed to help you become best friends with your own mind and feel happy, joyful, hopeful and motivated.

The system helps you install beliefs and thoughts patterns that support you no matter your past, or what is happening in your life at present.

You will learn how to choose the thoughts that you want to have and hear on a moment to moment basis. Thoughts that support you, encourage you and give you belief in yourself irrespective of your current situation or perceived success in life.

Likewise, your feelings and emotions can quickly and easily be yours to influence and choose at will. You will learn how to fill yourself with emotions and feelings that you enjoy to the point that there isn’t any room for emotions or feelings that don’t serve to help you in the best way possible.

Of course life throws us curve balls and bad things can and will happen that upset us emotionally, but there is a natural time-life for those events and just like children do, we should experience the emotional upset briefly and then quickly revert back to our normal optimal state.

There is no need to suffer unnecessarily for even a moment in life. Happiness, joy, motivation, love and any other feeling and emotion you choose can and should be yours to experience right now and tomorrow and the next day.

There are 7 key elements to the The Telos Lifestyle Revolution™ system. You can work through the system step by step or delve in at any stage that looks appealing to you.

However, just as with most of what is important to us in life, keeping score and a record of how we are improving or not is critical to your future success.

To that end, it is recommended that you start with creating your POWER Questions questionnaire and begin scoring yourself as recommended by Professor Marshall Goldsmith.

The POWER Questions alone when answered on a daily basis offer a 91% success rate (university study involving over 4,500 people) within just 10 days at helping you improve in –

  • Setting clearer goals on a daily basis
  • Making better progress towards your goals
  • Finding more meaning in your life
  • Becoming more happy and joyful
  • Building positive relationships with people
  • Engaging in life more

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