Time management


Most people who work for a living have less than 4 hours a day free time for themselves.
What will you do with yours?

And remember, lots of that time is taken up with other chores we have to do daily, such as:

  • Travel – 87 minutes
    Eating and drinking – 82 minutes
  • Friends and family – 50 minutes
  • Resting – 46 minutes
  • Personal care – 44 minutes
  • Cooking and washing up 41 minutes
  • Shopping and appointments – 34
  • Cleaning and tidying – 31 minutes
  • Watching TV?

This guide is 30 pages of instruction on how to effectively manage your day so you can get the most out of it.

Some of the chapters include:

  • Identifying the ten biggest time wasters
  • Break goals into smaller steps
  • Know what you can control and what you can’t
  • Anticipate obstacles and plan for them
  • Organise your work-space for efficient time management