About James Gough

My Story

My passion is helping people discover how easy it is to make positive changes in their lives that give them the power to be become who they dream to be.

When I was in my very early teens I looked around and noticed that there were not very many people who were truly happy with their lives. I soon realised that even people who seemingly had everything, people like Elvis Presley and more recently Robin Williams, were in fact deep down inside very unhappy.

I was also fascinated by human achievement and how some people were able to accomplish amazing feats, like memory champions and others who were able to show sudden extra-ordinary levels of willpower, like people who change their dietary habits and quickly change from being obese to reaching and maintaining their optimum weight and others who even go on to become exercise endurance champions or professional athletes. 

This started me on a personal quest. One that has lasted almost three decades.

I started a search to find out how to be happy and how people changed their lives for the better and against all the odds. 

It has taken me all over the world and along the way I discovered that there are people who have literally “cracked the code”. Professor Martin Seligman, Professor Marshall Goldsmith, Professor Gabriele Oettingen, Dr Gail Matthews, Dr Richard Bandler and Nobel Prize winner, Piers Steele.

Over the last 10 years, I’ve condensed their work into the Telos Lifestyle Revolution Training program and now, in as little as 10 days and with a 91% success rate, people using the program can:

  • Become more happy and joyful
  • Set clearer goals on a daily basis
  • Make better progress towards their goals
  • Find more meaning in life
  • Build more positive relationships with people
  • Engage in life more

It’s changed my life for the better. I hope it helps improve yours too.  

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  • Find more meaning in your life
  • Feel happier and more joyful
  • Build better relationships with people
  • Engage in life more
  • Set clearer goals on a daily basis
  • Make better progress towards your goals