Are you a closet Streaker?

streakerWhat did you think I meant? No, not that. I don’t know him by the way.

The streaks I am talking about are the getting stuff done every day streaks of goal achievement insanity.

If you listen to any of the most successful people they all say that it is the little things done every day, consistently that made them great. There is a great story that you may have heard about Seinfeld, that famous American comedian, using this very technique to become the comedian he is today (a story that has never been confirmed, but illustrates the point). Allegedly he vowed to write a joke every day and would tick a check box for every day that he did.

The reason it works is because it doesn’t allow you to lie to yourself. You know, the times when you’ve thought you were at the gym 5 times the other week, but actually it was maybe only once or twice. It’s so easy for one day to slip by, and you think it’s OK, it’s just one day, I’ll make up for it tomorrow. And before you know it a month has passed and you are lucky if you have done your daily tasks even a handful of times.

The Challenge

Take an A4 sheet of paper and write a goal, underneath your goal paste 4 x 7 rows of check boxes. Each check box is a day of the week. Under those, write another goal and paste another 4 x 7. Carry on until you have written each of your daily goals down. You know the type of thing – do 100 press ups, write a blog post, make 5 cold calls to new prospects, don’t eat any sugar.

I have a handy template here. No sign up required (it’s not that pretty, but it gets the job done).

Then tomorrow, every time you complete one of your daily goals, tick the check box. It’s really very satisfying and what’s amazing is this really childish desire starts to grow in you where you can’t bear the idea of missing a day of box ticking awesomeness.

If you don’t think you need something that looks so trivial as this, ask yourself honestly if you have really been disciplined with EVERY daily task that you know you should be doing – walking 2,000 steps, eating 5 a day, balancing your accounts, saying, ‘I love you to your partner’.

Good luck, and keep up the awesomeness.

Get your template here