pollen seeds hay fever cure

Overcoming hay-fever using natural medicine

My sudden bought of hay fever seemed like another example of how much we should keep ourselves accountable for our own health and happiness in life.

Having never suffered from hay fever, I was surprised when 9 days ago I suddenly had a ridiculously tickly nose that was way beyond unpleasant along with bouts of sneezing fits with such ferocity I thought a lung was going to pop out of my nose.

After 3 days I realised it wasn’t just a passing phase and so concluded that as it was affecting the health, happiness, and well-being levels of my life I had to deal with it pronto.

So, I asked my 9 year old daughter to look up cures for hay fever using Google.

Nettle Tea. Hmmm… The natural medicine view of nettle tea is that it cools the body down. It’s often recommended in natural medicine and it’s interesting to note that the things that hurt us the most also cure us the best when used properly. It’s weird that a plant that stings the outside of your body and makes it feel like it is burning can also cool the inside of the body down and help alleviate conditions like eczema.

stingy nettles help hay fever symptoms

So, off to the local herbalist’s I go and ask for some extra advice. It wasn’t long before I noticed my nose returning back to normal and within two to three days there was no more blowing my lungs out, or the desire to punch myself on my own nose.

As a bonus, I’ve discovered that if I mix nettle tea with green tea I don’t need to add any honey to sweeten it, reducing another high GI food from my diet.

A little addition to the story of the visit to the herbalist:

I actually drove to the store with my Mum and as I couldn’t get parked anywhere nearby she went in to ask about the medicines for hay fever for me. While there, a person walked in and thanked the people working there for the medicine that they had given him to help alleviate his hay fever that he had suffered from for many years. He went on to say that this was the first time he had been free from what were for him some very sever symptoms.

At the end of the day, this is another example of how just your attitude in how you ask a question can help solve a situation that maybe millions of people are possibly suffering from needlessly every day.

I believe that what we ask ourselves every day is much more important than what we say to ourselves. And being prepared to make the best of any situation and have plans in place and ready to deal with any curve balls, like hay fever, that life may throw at us.